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Macbook Repair Service

We perform MacBook repair on most MacBooks, ranging from the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Our MacBook repair service comes with a £25 estimate within 24 hours. All repairs come with our standard industry leading 12 months parts warranty. 

We at Simply Repair understand that it's a challenge finding a reliable high quality repair company that specialises in MacBook repair in Swansea. As MacBooks are extremely valuable it is even more important finding a trustworthy place for repairs. 

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Simply Repair to fix your MacBook :)


  • iTechnician Certified

  • Highest rated repair centre in Swansea

  • 10+ Years experience in the field

  • Industry leading 12 month warranty

  • £25 for general diagnosis and estimate (this is deducted if repair is carried out)

  • Maximum 2 day turnaround for most repairs

  • No Fix, No Fee



Quality Macbook Batteries - Replaced within 2 hours

Batteries are designed to hold up to 80% of it's original capacity. To check your battery health, simply download this free diagnostics tool onto your MacBook, this app will give you an exact health meter under the "design capacity" section. Or you can come by and we'll check that for you free of charge 

NOTE: If your battery is under 80% of its health, it is highly recommended to have serviced as MacBook batteries are known to expand internally and cause damage.

All our MacBook batteries include a 12 month warranty and are replaced within 2 hours (subject to availability)

MacBook Battery Replacement Price list (prices are totoal)

  • MacBook Pro 2011 - 2012 £105

  • Retina MacBook Pro 2012 - 2015 £165


Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 12.12.20.png

Macbook Keyboard Replacement - Done right

Since keyboards are mechanical, over time they often fail whether that's due to liquid spill or they're just well worn. We perform MacBook keyboard replacements within one day (subject to availability).

Your MacBook Keyboard will look and feel like new with this repair. All keyboard replacements come with a 12 month warranty.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement Price list (prices are totol)

  • MacBook Air 2011 - Present £95

  • MacBook Pro 2011 - 2012 £95

  • Retina MacBook Pro 2012- 2015 £195

  • 12 inch Retina MacBook £195