About Simply Repair

Simply Repair is a Swansea-based iPhone, iPad and MacBook specialist repair company that was founded in August of 2014 by 21 year old Kevin Klinkmuller with the intent of offering a better alternative to the already existing repair companies in the Swansea area.

Back then, the company was known as "Glass" and its reputation has grown fast to become the most highly rated repair centre in and around Swansea.

In April of 2015, "Glass" was rebranded to Simply Repair under a newly registered LTD company called Simply Tek Limited to expand the horizon of the existing repair company.
We are continually looking to improve and add to our products and services that can benefit our customers and business relations.






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Registered Data Protection

Registered Data Protection


Mission & Purpose

Our purpose is clear. We offer the highest quality repairs at a fraction of what the manufacturer charges in a much faster and efficient manner. We offer customers a better alternative to the already existing repair companies out there.

We accomplish this by being honest, upfront and clear about our services to avoid unnecessary conflicts by correctly managing expectations. Our services are specialised on only a handful of products so we can stay focused and offer a level of  experience and expertise to our customers that is rarely seen in the repair industry.
Good customer service comes from good staff; good staff comes from fair pay, a great working environment and motivation. We always look for ways we can improve working conditions and morale for employees.
We also create good relations with our suppliers to gain access to better parts quicker and constantly research new ways to improve our overall service to make it even easier and more efficient by simplifying and automating repetitive tasks. 
All this is accomplished while maintaining a healthy profit. 







Simply Repair is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible in all areas of the company.

All old batteries, broken screens and circuit boards are sent to specialised recycling factories across the UK, so waste is extremely minimal. The entire process of our daily activity is computerised, automated and uses almost no paper. Even packaging containers and materials from new parts are reused for outgoing repairs. Equipment we use, such as computers, soldering tools and monitors are all purchased with the environment in mind.

We constantly strive to improve environmental impact throughout the company. We hope to inspire you to do the same by repairing instead of replacing your technology products.