Next Day High Quality iPad Repair 

Our iPad repairs are by far the best in Swansea & even South Wales. In fact we're so confident in that that we're going to give you a 12 month part warranty. Here are some of the reasons to chose Simply Repair


  • iTechnician Certified

  • Highest Quality parts

  • iPad repairs completed next day

  • 12 Month Part Warranty

  • 10+ Years experience in the field

  • Privacy matters to us, We're ICO certified and won't need your passcode in most cases!



iPad Screen repair

One of the biggest challenges in the repair industry is sourcing quality parts and one of the biggest challenges with the iPad specifically is getting a replacement glass to fit and properly adhere to the iPad. Simply Repair has designed it's own method to get this perfect every time. Prices include dent and bend removal to ensure a perfect fit

We constantly work with suppliers to find the best deal for our customers on the highest quality screens on the market today. This is why we are able to supply a 12 month warranty on all parts :)


(Most common)   iPad Glass and Touchscreen Price list:

  • iPad 2, 3 & 4 £55 LIMITED OFFER

  • iPad Air 1 £65 LIMITED OFFER

  • iPad mini 1, 2 £65 LIMITED OFFER

  • iPad 5 (2017) £75 LIMITED OFFER


(Rare fault)   iPad Glass and LCD Price list:

  • iPad 2, 3 & 4 £125

  • iPad Air 1 £155

  • iPad mini 1&2 £135


iPad battery Replacement

The Most important feature on a tablet that is often overseen is how long you can use it without having to connect to a charger. After some years of usage it is beneficial to replace the battery on an iPad to ensure a long lifespan

NOTE: Old batteries or poor performing batteries can damage your iPad by expanding internally. It is highly recommended to have this serviced before damage occurs.

Our batteries are the best performing replacement batteries available. All iPad battery replacements include a 12 month warranty


iPad Battery replacement Price list

  • iPad 2, 3, 4 £75

  • iPad Air 1 £75

  • iPad mini 1, 2, 3 £75


Other iPad repairs

All of our small parts such as cameras. charging ports and buttons are the highest quality to ensure a long lifespan. Our skilled technician will repair your iPad within the next working day without cutting corners. The result of most of our repairs typically show no signs that we've ever been in there :)


There are many more iPad repairs we can perform, please press start repair below to get started with an enquiry :)



Advanced iPad micro soldering and logic board repairs

Whether you're a DIYer, a repair shop or just unlucky, sometimes we all need a little help with the more advanced repairs. If the logic board in your iPad has problems, chances are it may be repairable! 

We offer free diagnostic, all repairs are performed in house and in a timely manner! 

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