Our warranty has changed! (OUTDATED)

Some small changes to our warranty, we will continue offering our popular 12 months warranty on most parts. In addition we offered a 3 months warranty for batteries and buttons due to standard wear. We’re pleased to tell you that this has been extended to 6 months!

We believe that we’re the only local repair company in Swansea that offers 12 month warranty and we want to continue offering that in the future as we believe it should very well last 12 months and if it doesn’t it wasn’t worth your money :)

Our new warranty information reads like this: 

12 month warranty is applied on every PART that is replaced as long as the part is supplied by us. This covers any manufacturing defects. With the exception of batteries and buttons due to standard wear and tear, these come with a 6 month warranty. This doesn't cover any accidental damage such as dropping the device or water damage.
Any other services such as liquid damage treatment isn't covered under warranty as liquid damage is very unpredictable. But ANY part that is replaced for the treatment is covered under our standard warranty.

Chose a repair company you can trust ;)