Company Structure, Future services - What is Simply Tek?

Simply Repair is the subsidiary of Simply Tek Ltd, both owned and run by myself. Simply Repair, as existing customers already know, is a company that specialises in repairs for iPhone, iPad and some Samsung devices. You can walk into the Swansea based office and have your device repaired in an impressively short amount of time and to the highest standard possible.

Whilst Simply Repair is orientated more towards people or businesses that want to have the repair performed for them, Simply Tek will be orientated towards individuals or businesses that want to perform their own repairs - whether it be a repair company or an individual feeling brave enough to try it themselves.

There will be more information about Simply Tek in the future as that part of the business prepares to launch.

As for Simply Repair, we will be offering more services the bigger we grow. By popular request, we will have an online send in service for customers that aren’t situated close to Swansea but due to the impressive reputation of the company, would like their devices repaired by Simply Repair.  This send in service will start before the end of the year.

In the future, we will be offering a lot more advanced repairs which we expect to be a great addition for many of our customers!